Water Moon


Coming soon!! Cover is finally done and the title has changed. Editing continues. So many words…

Dark and disturbing, this collection of seven short stories calls back to the good old days of American nostalgia. However, life wasn’t all sweet tea and apple pie as anyone in these stories can tell you. Sometimes, things can go very wrong. This is the side of Americana you haven’t seen before, where the dust hides more than just the memories of the dead.

This book features stories such as:

‘Wildfire’ – A young girl named Arizona moves in with her grandmother following a wildfire that claimed their home and discovers a dangerous family secret that’s been buried for decades.

‘Catfish Run’ – A preacher man decides to confront sin at the crossroads after the latest wayward son returns to his congregation with stories of his deal with the devil.

‘The Wanting Jar’ – When Hattie Wilson hears from her neighbor about a string of burglaries plaguing their sleepy community, she discovers things aren’t all as they seem.


One thought on “Water Moon

  1. Dear Author,
    Our editors have read your short stories collection “Water Moon: Dark Tales of Life Americana” and they have found it truly interesting. We are an international publisher interested in fiction, seeking at the moment to launch new English-language authors onto the European literary market. In particular, we are considering acquiring Italian rights of your collection.
    If you are interested, please contact us at talentscout@virgibooks.com.
    Best Regards


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